Nado Products recognized the never ending problem that has plagued knee pad users for decades and has successfully designed a state-of-the-art Knee Pad Support that finally KEEPS YOUR KNEE PADS UP!

With hundreds of different models of kneepads available, one of the biggest problems is that all kneepads slip down the leg during normal movement and activity.  After years of research and development, the Knee Pad Support was created to fit the natural contour of the human leg, with an added emphasis on comfort, functionality and of course, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION! Made of lightweight Lexan Polycarbonate, the Knee Pad Support weighs only 2 ounces on each leg.

The Knee Pad Support is compatible with almost every knee pad on the market, so you can still wear your knee pad of choice. The main difference now is that your knee pad will no longer fail. Whether you’re wearing the Knee Pad Support in the workplace in your profession (i.e. Industrial, Construction, Law Enforcement, Tactical) or as a Weekend Warrior for fun (Airsoft, Paintball or outdoor enthusiast), your failing knee pads is a thing of the past. Built Tough for the way you work and play!

Proudly made in the USA.

IMPORTANT:  This product was not designed for use while sliding. It is strictly intended to keep your kneepads up and in place.  Sliding with this product could cause injury to the user and should be avoided