Nado Products was founded in 2010 by owner/president Miguel Maldonado. After working as a welder/fabricator for 35 years, Miguel focused his efforts on designing products to make life more comfortable and bearable for the average worker. Miguel started wearing knee pads when he was about 20 years old. The knee pads would constantly slip down and become very uncomfortable, and he quickly learned that knee pads were more of a problem than useful, so he refused to wear them.

After about 25 years, Miguel was forced to wear knee pads because of the wear-and-tear from working on his knees unprotected. He soon realized that, even after 2 decades, the same problems with knee pads still existed! They still slipped, caused irritation and were extremely uncomfortable. He decided to solve this problem and has done it with the KP Support!

Nado Products is family-owned and operated business located on the central coast of California. Quality and customer satisfaction are important to us.




IMPORTANT:  This product was not designed for use while sliding. It is strictly intended to keep your kneepads up and in place.  Sliding with this product could cause injury to the user and should be avoided